Sustainability = Thriveability! I am excited and proud to announce that I will be partnering with a ZERO WASTE company as my new print fulfillment vendor! Graphik Dimensions is always looking for new and better ways to operate in harmony with our planet. Through conscious sourcing, conscious waste, and conscious consumption every single aspect of buying nature wall art from Robbie George Photography works towards sustainability for Mother Earth. This means that nothing that goes into creating your order from Robbie George Photography will end up in the landfill. Ever!

I personally align with this printmaker because they are mindful stewards of our planet as well as mindful creators, like myself. They build picture frames to last a lifetime and print every image with passion. They use up-cycled materials and are constantly innovating ways to help save the environment in an eco conscious way.

Bear Cub | Robbie George Photography

"There is no fleck of nature that does not bear beauty within it."~Robbie George


When it comes to ordering framed wall art from Robbie George Photography, you can be rest assured that your order will never contain wood of endangered species or from protected forests and it will always meet strict eco-standards! 

100% of your order from Robbie George Photography will be sourced from reclaimed barn wood, up-cycled wood fiber, felled plantation trees, reclaimed fence boards, recycled finger-jointed scrap wood, bamboo, tobacco leaves, banana bark, cotton husks, seashells or from sustainably managed forests. 80% of the material used in creating your order will be domestically sourced which helps reduce the carbon footprint of your order! 100% of the finishing materials - matting, glazing, backing - are US-sourced. 

For the aluminum frames or metal prints that are ordered from Robbie George Photography, you will be happy to hear that 100% of the aluminum is sourced domestically. EPA standards for the mining and production of aluminum in the United States is far more environmentally protective than anywhere else in the world. 

When your order is shipped, you can be rest assured that eco-packaging materials are used. A great deal of thought has gone into new innovative ways to help save the environment when shipping your order! I will ask you, after the euphoria of opening up your Robbie George Photography package, that you recycle the materials again to help save the environment yourself. Or better yet up-cycle it! 

Snow Scene Wall Art | Robbie George Photography

"The pathless woods on a snowy winter's day will lead you to nature's secret gardens."~Robbie George  


When you order from Robbie George Photography you will be happy to hear that you are working with a ZERO-LANDFILL company to fulfill your orders! Graphik Dimensions "Send It Forward" program re-mails and reuses boxes to extend the life of cardboard five times over merely recycling it. They donate items to schools, art programs, and non-profits. Their "Free-Cycling Center" lets their employees recycle their gently used personal items. 

Fourteen different raw materials and their by-products are recycled in order to reduce 234,000 pounds per year in the landfill! All ink and toner cartridges to create your print from Robbie George Photography are refilled and recycled! 

Bald Eagle Nest | Robbie George Photography

"Mother's are one of nature's glorious triumphs."~Robbie George


I love working with a company that makes a difference! I am proud to partner with them to help with my own mission of environmental conservation. Thank you for doing your own responsible sourcing by purchasing your nature pictures from Robbie George Photography and Graphik Dimensions! Sustainability drives innovation and together we can make Mother Nature proud by seeking new and better ways to create in harmony with the Earth. 

Thank you for making a difference and supporting Mother Nature by purchasing from Robbie George Photography in an eco conscious way!

~Robbie George