What Type Of Photographic Print Papers Are There?

Photographic Print Papers

I use only professional photographic print papers so that you always receive the longest lasting and highest quality photographic prints available. Here is a list of photographic print papers that I use: 

Kodak ENDURA Lustre “E” Paper:

My default surface paper, featuring a fine grain pebble texture.

Kodak ENDURA Glossy “F” Paper:

Professional photo paper with a glossy finish.

Kodak ENDURA Metallic Paper:

Features a glossy finish and metallic appearance that creates images with exceptional visual interest and depth.

Fuji Pearl Paper: 

This glossy surface offers sharp detail, high intensity colors, and a distinctive pearl-like appearance. Perfect for competition and display prints.

Fuji Deep Matte Velvet Paper:

Professional paper with a deep matte non-reflective surface that feels velvety soft.

There are many types of photographic paper on the market, but these are the ones I use when I print my images for my customers. The paper used on these prints are different from my Fine Art Prints. Please see Fine Art Prints to see the selections of paper I use for those. ~Robbie George

Photographic Print Paper