Mother Nature


As Albert Einstein once said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is good as dead: his eyes are closed.” I love this quote because as a wild soul and backwoods wanderer I love seeking the sacred mysteries of Mother Nature. I view nature as the most mysterious and beautiful thing and the source of all true art. As I like to say, “Nature is the Mother of all art.”

Northern Lights | Robbie George Photography

"The hidden spark of a dream sleeps in a forest of celestial luminance."~Robbie George 

Nature has been on a hero’s journey of 13.77 billion years in the making since the birth of our universe. The greatest mystery of nature is that of existence itself. Nature is the ultimate balancing act, a remarkable evolution at the cosmic, galactic, solar and planetary levels that has serendipitously created life on earth. Mother Earth is considered as the “Goldilocks” planet because it evolved with conditions that are not too hot and not too cold, but “just right” to support life.

Our galaxy “The Milky Way” is estimated to have 300 billion stars and more than 100 billion planets. Cosmologist estimate there are at least 100 billion more galaxies than our own “Milky Way” in the universe! For Mother Earth to be considered the “Goldilocks” planet to support life is remarkable! We are living on a razor-thin balancing act in order to harmoniously support the symphony of life.

For example, water on the cosmic scale exists in its liquid form only in the tiny range of 32-212 degrees Fahrenheit. If you consider the fact that our sun is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit at its core, and many larger stars in the universe get hotter than that, then this is considered a very small range of temperatures on the cosmic scale.

We need to be thankful and appreciative to even be here on the “Goldilocks” planet we call Mother Earth! It is no coincidence that life as we know it is intimately connected to Mother Nature and without nature we would not exist.


According to Google’s online dictionary, nature is defined as “the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.”

My personal definition of nature is, “Mother Nature is a grand design of unfathomable proportions just as much as life is a grand design of unfathomable proportions. The essence of Mother Nature and life upon it evolved from the birth of the universe. The two are interconnected and related on a divine level. The similarities, patterns, and collective consciousness that are shared must be recognized in order for there to be symbiosis.” As I like to say, “the essence of your soul is the very seed that originates as a star in the heavens.”

In other words, Mother Nature and humans come from the same cosmic, galactic, and solar elements created in the stars. Consider the fact that 90% of the human body mass is in fact stardust. All the elements in your body are created by stars and supernova explosions. When you look at the stars at night you are literally gazing at your ancestors!

I don’t think that it’s by coincidence that the human body is made of 70% water and the earth’s surface is made up of 70% water. We share many similarities and depend on each other in order to sustain life and to live in symbiosis.

We truly are made of stardust! Just like Mother Nature and the entire Universe. As the father of electricity, Nikola Tesla, once said, “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.” I will be discussing all three concepts below.

Aurora Borealis Iceland | Robbie George Photography

"The polar goddess of the sky takes flight with the rainbow dancers of the night."~Robbie George


Consider the fact that there are 100 trillion cells in the human body. Each one of those human cells has has 100 trillion atoms within those cells. That is roughly 10 octillion total atoms in the human body! There is possibly more atoms in your body than there are stars in the entire universe! Or possibly exactly the same? I often wonder if every atom in the universe is interconnected on some divine cosmic level.

Interestingly, every atom is 99.9999999999% empty space. That is, atoms are only .00000000001 matter! If you think about the universe, space consists of 99.9999999999% of empty space and the stars and planets are the remaining .00000000001 matter! Wow talk about coincidence!

Now think about the unfathomable complexity of the human body and all of its complex processes to keep it alive. Our temperature needs to be a steady 98.6 degrees or we get sick with a fever. Our water levels need to be maintained at 70% in order to be healthy. Our carbon levels need to remain steady. We need sunlight, fresh air and food to keep our systems running smoothly. We also need earth’s Schumann Resonance and the geomagnetic field in order for our circadian rhythms to run smoothly and keep us healthy.


Did you know that lightning storms are considered to be the primary natural source of the Schumann resonance? The Schumann Resonance is considered to be the “earth’s pulse” at 7.83 hertz. Interestingly enough, the Schumann Resonance is exactly the same frequency as our alpha brain waves at 7.83 hertz!

If that isn’t enough, then think about all the neurons that are firing in your brain! These electrical impulses in our brain cause us to dream, laugh, think, see, and move. So in theory you have a lightning storm in your brain too! However, if this lightning storm in your brain gets too extreme you could have seizers and become epileptic.

Lightning | Robbie George Photography

"To catch a thunderstorm is akin to igniting your soul."~Robbie George

The oscillation of this Schumann resonance wave affects the brain through the magnetite located near the pituitary gland as well as the pineal gland. The Schumann Resonance also runs at the same frequency as the main control centers of the human brain, the hippocampus and hypothalamus.

Researcher Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig discovered that the 7.83 hertz frequency (earth’s pulse), along with other frequencies I will discuss below, is the prime timer for biorhythms in the body. This frequency not only exhibited as the alpha brain wave, but is the primary EEG in every animal on earth!

He discovered that a lack of Schumann Resonance and geomagnetic waves will induce micro-stress in living creatures. I would go a step further and suggest that these frequencies are responsible for many more processes in natural world that we have yet to discover or understand. I would imagine that plants, trees and vegetation would experience micro-stress without these frequencies as well.

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency)

Our brain frequency controls our creativity, stress, anxiety, performance and immune system. If this gets out of whack by external forces such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, electronics, radio waves, microwaves, EMF and man made frequencies then we can get sick and our circadian rhythm gets out of balance.

Modern humans spend close to 90% of their time indoors, exposing themselves to harmful electro-smog frequencies from power lines, cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cordless phones, computers and televisions. We are shielding ourselves from the earth’s health benefits by removing ourselves from nature. There is compelling evidence that the earth’s magnetism, solar waves, frequencies, vibrations and energy are essential to life.

Have you ever experienced jet lag? This happens because you are removing yourself from these beneficial waves when flying high above the earth. Too much cell phone time and feel like crap? That’s why it’s important to be out in nature receiving your “nature neurons” and grounding yourself.

Beautiful Landscapes | Robbie George Photography

"Every journey into nature speaks a thousand words."~Robbie George


Mother Earth’s magnetic field is another phenomenon that has an energy wave, frequency and vibration. There are sixty-four elements in the earth’s crust. Each one of these operates at an independent vibration and influences the earth’s magnetic field. All together they are called the geomagnetic field.

The earth’s geomagnetic field serves to deflect most of the solar wind, whose charged particles would otherwise strip away the ozone layer that protects Mother Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. The magnetic field is generated by electrical currents, created by the motion of convection currents of the molten iron in Mother Earth’s outer core. The magnetic field also serves a purpose for navigation as I will discuss below.

It has been studied that sudden variations in the geomagnetic field or solar storms can alter regulatory processes in the body like blood pressure, breathing, immune system, neurological systems, and melatonin/serotonin balance. Geomagnetic disturbances are also associated with more hospital visits due to depression, traffic accidents, homicides, suicide attempts, and psychiatric admissions.

Interestingly enough, red blood cells in the human body contain nearly the same makeup as the earth’s crust. It is believed that the overall geomagnetic field of the earth influences our cardiovascular system among other things (think blood iron levels). I would go a step further and suggest that our own human energy field is created in much the same manner as the earth’s magnetic field and Schumann Resonance is created. We could be walking mini earths!


Quantum physics suggests that human energy fields contain information that can be transferred faster than Instant Messenger over the internet. In other words, we are walking bundles of energy fields giving out information faster than we can send it. We are not isolated closed circuits, but interconnected, brilliant beams of energy. I would take that a step further and say we are also interconnected to Mother Earth and her brilliant beams of energy.

Each of us (and Mother Earth) is made up of both measurable and subtle fields that create and sustain life. Every energy body, meridian, and chakra pulses its own energy field much like the earth’s. Amazingly, the energy field emanating from your body alone occupies more space, or “anti-space”, than your physical body. Mother Earth’s geomagnetic field also occupies more space or “anti-space” than its physical body. We truly are brilliant beams of energy just like the earth!

Like I said before, I often wonder if every atom in the universe is interconnected on some divine cosmic level. In theory, each atom could be connected throughout the universe through some sort of “anti-space” or dark energy that we cannot see. Maybe that is the 99.9999999999 percent of space consisting of nothing I talked about before. Could it be that every energy field is interconnected throughout the universe via “anti-space”or dark energy?

For example, have you ever had a bad feeling about someone when they approach your personal energy field? In theory, that energy could be transferred through your “anti-space” if we are interconnected brilliant beams of energy. Has your dog ever barked at someone who has bad energy? Have you dated someone who isn’t on the same wavelength as you? This is all vibrational energy that we are sending out faster than we can send it ourselves. The vibes we give out are felt by those around us. These vibes also change with our moods just as much as the geomagnetic field changes with its energy.

I often wonder how dogs can sense earthquakes before they happen. My theory is they sense the massive change in energy through “anti-space” or dark energy before the actual shock hits us humans. Is your dog afraid of lightning? I think it’s not the thunder that scares them, it’s the a massive energy burst that they sense through their “anti-space” before the sound of thunder arrives. Most species are much more sensitive to slight changes in energy than humans. Humans have become unplugged energetically, but instead have become plugged into technology.

These are questions that have yet to be answered, but we can try and grasp the concept behind them, by understanding that we are all interconnected brilliant beams of energy occupying more “anti-space” than physical space. Again, we are sending out information through our energy field faster than we can personally send it ourselves. Think about the earthquake and lightning example above. This energy is projected out faster than the source that created it! Amazing!


Supermoon | Robbie George Photography

"The mysteries of eternity dance on the edge of time in the vast jeweled vault of the night sky."~Robbie George

Have you ever experienced feeling a little crazy during the full moon? If you think about it, the moon in its various phases creates a gravitational pull, and that pull, affects water and tides. Again, if our bodies are made up of 70% water and water molecules have a north and south pole, just like the earth, then during the full moon our bodies are going to feel this gravitational pull. This in turn will effect our body, emotions and brain just like it affects the tides on our coastlines. Tides can get a little crazy during a full moon too!

On the other hand, the earth's geomagnetic field also has a frequency, as I discussed above, but this one fluctuates. It fluctuates because seawater is an electrical conductor that interacts with the earth's magnetic field and this may explain why we get a little crazy during the full moon. As the celestial dance commences with the full moon, the ions in the seawater interact with the magnetic field and essentially tries to pull the geomagnetic fields along with it.

So to make a long story short, when the full moon arrives this too will pull on the deep waters of your soul and make you feel a little out of balance. Unlike the Wifi signals, cellphones, and electronic devices, we cannot control our exposure to this subtle shifting of the magnetic field. This happens because the ions in our blood happens to be very similar to the makeup of seawater. This holds true for the 70% of water in our cells too. When the gravitational pull of the moon varies throughout the month and pulls on the ions in our blood and water cells we can subtly feel this! Especially during the supermoon!


Solar waves emanate from our sun. Human health is tightly correlated to receiving the right amount and correct type of sunlight from the sun. Sunlight effects metabolism, the endocrine system, and the pineal gland. Human interactions with solar waves greatly effects the pineal gland. The lack of sunlight can lead to stress, depression, trouble sleeping and disturbances in our circadian rhythm.

If you look at how plants and vegetation grow through photosynthesis, then you could conclude that in order for the earth to produce it’s own food it needs the proper amount of sunlight too. Lack of sunlight on the earth (think dinosaur extinction, volcano eruptions or winter) will lead to massive stress and disruptions.

Plants go dormant in the winter because of the lack of sunshine and cold temperatures. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a great example of humans not getting enough light therapy in the winter and their serotonin levels dropping. The sun is the earth’s greatest source of energy and without the sun we wouldn’t exist.

Sunrise | Robbie George Photography

"As the candle of dawn lights up a new day, blessings and new beginnings are on the horizon."~Robbie George 


Bees, among many species, are very sensitive to energy and the frequencies around them. Bees have a mineral called magnetite, like humans, (Iron ore from stars) and this tiny mineral helps bees travel away from the hive, pollenate and return. Bees are sensitive to the magnetic field and they use this magnetite mineral as an “internal compass” much like the Monarch butterflies and arctic terns do.

This phenomenon is called magneto-reception. Have you ever wondered how Monarch butterflies migrate from the Hudson Bay to South America without getting lost? How about hummingbirds and the arctic tern? Many vertebrates, insects, birds, fishes, reptiles, and even microorganisms have this ability to navigate with this “internal compass”. I’ve heard of dogs getting lost on vacation and traveling a few thousand miles only to show back up on the owners doorstep. We humans need a compass with a needle pointing to magnetic north in order to get a sense of direction. In todays technologically driven society we depend on Google Maps and we wouldn’t be able to get around without it.

We have learned that unnatural EMF signals can disrupt one’s “internal compass” and I truly believe that bee colonies are collapsing because of EMF exposure (and pesticides among other things). If you think about it, every bee keeper probably carries a cell phone in their pocket when they go to check their hives. Farm workers now carry cell phones when out in the field harvesting too. Big Ag tractors are outfitted with the latest and greatest computers, cell phones and GPS. Cell phone towers are going up everywhere. Back in the good old days we didn’t have this technology disrupting the natural earth frequencies.

There is a study that shows bees abandoning their hive when a cordless phone was left next to the beehive. Their “internal compass” was disrupted by the unnatural man made wavelength of the cordless phone. Ever hear about 2.4 Gigahertz and 5.8 GHZ in a cordless phone? This is way more than the Schumann Resonance at 7.83 hertz and geomagnetic field frequency! This unnatural frequency is scrambling the “internal compass” of many species that count on it for direction. I also believe it is messing with our own systems, but we are too ignorant to understand this.

Scientist know that bees are dying from drought, pesticides, habitat destruction, nutrition deficiency, pollution, and global warming, but I’m not sure they have studied the effects of manmade EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) and the magnetite that bees depend on for their “internal compass”.

In order for humanity to survive we need these bees to pollinate our complex food system. Did you know that honey bees are responsible for 80 percent of pollination worldwide. A single bee can pollinate 5000 flowers each day! To make a pound of honey, a hive of bees needs to travel over 55,000 miles collectively, and visit 2 million flowers! Ninety percent of the world’s nutrition is pollinated by bees. Wow! Think about how many animal species in the wild depend on this pollination too!

Unfortunately cell phone towers are going up everywhere and when 5G hits the market soon we will probably sadly see an even greater impact on the bees and other animals that depend on this “internal compass”. This along with pesticides among other things is contributing to the collapse of the bee colonies. The collective conscious of humans can be downright sad!

Bee | Robbie George Photography

"Extract the sweetness from life and let the honey soak through the marrow of your essence."~Robbie George


If we look at Mother Nature we can come to the same conclusion as the human body but on a much grander scale. In order for Mother Nature to function properly it also needs to maintain a 70% water content on its surface in order to be healthy and to distribute water via weather.

It too needs to maintain a certain temperature in order to maintain proper water levels. It too needs sunlight so that photosynthesis can happen to create its own food and be recycled back into the earth and to feed life. 

Mother Nature needs fresh air, not polluted green house gasses, to keep its systems and temperature from running a fever, much like humans. The earth’s carbon cycle needs to be in symbiosis in order to maintain this narrow range of temperature. Nature also has a circadian rhythm that needs to be maintained by its alternation of day and night. The 24 hour cycle of the earth’s rotation on its axis is paramount to life.

Mother Earth is perfectly orbiting our sun and this is tightly correlated with our own circadian rhythms. If we were not exactly in the perfect “Goldilocks” position, spinning exactly every 24 hours, relative to the sun we would not be here! If you lived on top of Mount Everest or in Death Valley you probably wouldn’t survive either. We need perfect balance in order to survive.

Remember what I said about the temperature of water. Our “Goldilocks” position relative to our sun allows liquid water to exist between 32-212 degrees Fahrenheit. If we were slightly out of that perfect position Mother Earth as we know it would be a completely different dormant place. If human-induced carbon emissions get too extreme then we may eventually fall out of that narrow temperature range to keep us alive. If Mother Earth’s axis spin was slower or faster we might not exist.

For example, look at Mercury or Venus (our closet planets) they move at different speeds, have different distances to our sun, different orbits and don’t support any sort of life. Neither planet is capable of supporting water in that very fine range of 32-212 degrees. Remember our sun’s core is 5.4 billion degrees! How lucky are we to be perfectly balanced on a razor thin edge!

As you can see Mother Nature and humans really are one and the same. We both have the same chemical makeup as stars and supernovas. We both need proper temperatures, water, sunlight, food, and circadian rhythms. We both have energy fields that are produced within our cores but are not isolated circuits. We are interconnected, brilliant beams of energy sharing the same space on this “Goldilocks” planet we call Mother Earth. We may even be interconnected with every atom in the universe on some divine cosmic level of energy.


Carbon, an element born of exploding stars, is essential for all forms of life and our human bodies contain 18% of it. All those carbon atoms in your body were once in the food you ate and, before that, in the oceans, rocks, and air you breath. You may find it surprising that 90% of the earths carbon is underground, in the form of bacteria and microbes, thriving miles beneath our feet.

One of Mother Nature’s largest ecosystems lies deep inside the earth. Carbon from plants and animals goes deep into the earth through subduction (when oceanic plates sink below continental plates) and over hundreds of millions of years that carbon returns in the form of rocks, diamonds and volcanic eruptions and then gets recycled back into the earth.

In other words, Mother Nature is constantly ingesting and exhaling carbon just like us humans. However, this once stable carbon cycle on earth has been disrupted by the humans. By cutting down forests, burning massive amounts of hydrocarbons and building cities all over the world we have essentially impaired the planets ability to ingest the massive amount of carbon we are producing.

This massive human-induced disruption is what the climate crisis is all about. How long do you think you would live if you breathed the exhaust fumes from your car? Your lungs are like a mini earth’s atmosphere and you would probably be dead in no time. Do we want the same for our earth’s atmosphere? Unfortunately I think we are well on our way.


The key difference between nature and humans is the fact that humans are an ignorant species who don’t really care about having a symbiosis relationship with Mother Nature. Our collective consciousness has been de-railed. We think we are smarter than her, even though we share many of the exact same traits and depend on her to survive.

Red Fox Mousing | Robbie George Photography

"Find the humble roots of your needs and follow nature wherever it leads."~Robbie George

If we don’t pull our heads out of the sand soon, we will witness another tragic event that may wipe out most of human kind because of our over abundance and stupidity of own design. If the bee colonies die off we will face a mass starvation event. If the carbon cycle gets out of control we will all die of affixation or extreme climate change.

I’m not afraid that Mother Earth won’t survive, she has had close to 5 billion years under her belt, but we still think we can outsmart her and take everything from her. How ignorant to think that we can outsmart her with only a tiny fraction of time living on her old soul.

It scares me to think how much damage we have done in a mere few hundred years. The industrial world view has been that Mother Nature is inferior to us and is a resource that we can exploit in any way that we wish. Over the past few centuries we have altered the evolutionary dynamics of the earth through the stupidity of our collective consciousness.

We need to slow down and listen to her song. Otherwise, we will not be welcome here anymore. It’s clearly not sustainable at this pace in the grand scheme of things. In just a few hundred years we have done more damage than the entire journey of 5 billion years preceding us. With our languages and machines, we as a society, have shaped the earth with our human consciousness. Unfortunately, biology is no longer the determining factor of evolution on the earth.

It is estimated that the world population reached one billion in 1804. It was another 123 years before it reached 2 billion in 1927. It only took 33 years to reach 3 billion in 1960. We are now closely approaching 8 billion. The last I looked we are currently at 7.7 billion. Talk about a crash waiting to happen! At this speed we are guaranteed to die in some horrible carbon induced train wreck.

Housing and feeding this many people has already gutted our forests and oceans. We are changing Mother Nature’s dynamics in an irreversible way. We need to figure out a way to realign our consciousness with the grains of cosmic evolution in order to avoid a disaster.

Unfortunately we have tipped the population scales way too far and are on the brink of destroying this symbiotic relationship with our Mother Earth. We must learn how to tread lightly and create balance in our lives in order to get her “good tidings” as John Muir once said.

Mother Nature deserves our deepest respect because she gives us life. Without her patience and understanding we wouldn’t be here. We are the mind and heart of the universe and now is the time to be the mind and heart of our own planet. We need to open our collective consciousness and help protect our “Goldilocks” planet because she is choking on our exhaust pipes.


What does this all have to do with nature photography? I see nature photography as a way to see into the depths of time. The power of nature photography deepens with insight and can be remembered and passed down for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in order to become a part of the enduring legacy for Mother Earth. The depths of Mother Nature’s time will be seen by generations through nature photographs.

Our ancestors first communicated by writing symbols onto rocks. We have essentially created a way to remember our achievements by creating languages and consciousness. These symbols carved into rocks (like petroglyphs) were able to concentrate consciousness into more consciousness through magnification. This all spun out of control and we now find ourselves in a collective challenge to right the ship because our collective consciousness has been de-railed by industrialization, technology, and a population explosion.

If the evolution of Mother Nature is now shaped by human consciousness, instead of biology, then we are faced with a collective challenge that no generation before us has even contemplated. We need to realign our consciousness with the original grains of cosmic evolution in order to overcome this challenge. I see nature photography as one of those grains to help change the collective consciousness of humans.

In the modern world, I am taking nature pictures to carve symbols onto paper (or memory cards), so that the generations to come can understand the language and consciousness of our time. I am documenting the grains of evolution through my nature photographs. My wish and my hope is that I can help change the collective consciousness through my nature quotes and photographs. Yes, technology has helped me get there, but I don’t see it as our savior in the long run. Sustainability should be our path forward along with understanding our collective consciousness and roots in the grains of cosmic evolution. 


As a nature photographer I have witnessed first hand how my personal energy field interacts with Mother Nature’s energy field. When I feel in alignment with Mother Nature and my “nature neurons” are firing on all cylinders it reflects in my photography. It also reflects in my personal overall wellbeing. I feel alive, healthy and grounded at the same time. I know in my heart that Mother Nature is the greatest healer of all. She is the worlds largest “life-giving” battery (along with the sun) that is full of energy, frequency, and vibration. If her battery dies so do we!

Trumpeter Swan Wildlife Wall Art | Robbie George Photography

"May the angels of your heavenly wings always lift your spirit high."~Robbie George

When I was a younger and “green behind the ears” as a budding nature photographer, I would get really excited, and pursue wildlife just to get the shot. It took me years to realize that I was projecting some serious excitable energy towards my wild subjects. This energy was felt by these wild animals and I wasn’t able to get the type of shot I would be hoping for. I usually scared the animals away because of the excitement of my energy field. I equate this energy to the type of unnatural man made EMF frequencies that are disrupting most species on earth.

As I matured in my nature photography career, I found that being in alignment with nature also meant being in alignment with myself. I needed to slow down and listen to Mother Natures song on her terms and not mine. The more I slowed down and brought my excitement levels down the better my photography became. I was able to sit with the wild inhabitants of the earth and they would feel safer with my “anti-space” energy field. Grounding yourself to the energies of the earth will do wonders for both your health and your personal “anti-space” energy field. I wish everyone could take this advice and slow down to receive nature’s “good tidings.”


As a nature photographer, I want to help you understand that our Mother Earth is a healing place. I have witnessed this first hand from the many years I have spent in her caring hands. I also want you to understand that we are connected to nature on so many hidden levels, but sometimes we are too ignorant to understand or even care about it. I also want to convey that we need to change our ways soon or it’s going to be too late for our kids and grandkids to enjoy her beauty and everything she has to offer.

I have personally seen a change in our environment in just the last 15 years of photographing nature. I can clearly see the tears of carbon emissions rusted on Mother Nature face. They are starting to rust on my face too. It’s sad and scary to witness these massive changes for the worse. It has effected my ability to convey my message through my nature photographs.

Bald Eagle | Robbie George Photography

" I can clearly see the tears of carbon emissions rusted on Mother Nature face."~Robbie George

My ability to impact lives by instilling a deeper awareness of the natural world is getting tougher every year. I don’t want to document what once was a great planet full of life and vibrancy. I want to document what IS a great planet full of life and vibrancy. I wish the same for the many generations behind me, but I am fearful it may be too late. We need more voices for the voiceless!

As a nature photographer, I have witnessed first hand how nature heals, but I have also seen the dark side of this speeding train that we are all riding on. If we don’t slow down and use the brakes on our collective conscious, I’m afraid it’s going to be too late for this symbiosis relationship to work.

There has already been a lot of collateral damage to so many species, plants, and organisms to count. It is estimated that 2000 species go extinct every year! This is as bad as the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago! It’s time to stop this nonsense or we may find ourselves extinct and without a place to call home too!

I want to remind you of my definition of nature, “Mother Nature is a grand design of unfathomable proportions just as much as life is a grand design of unfathomable proportions. The essence of Mother Nature and life upon it evolved from the birth of the universe. The two are interconnected and related on a divine level. The similarities, patterns and collective consciousness that are shared must be recognized in order for there to be symbiosis.” As I like to say, “the essence of your soul is a seed that originates as a star in the heavens.”


As a wild soul and backwoods wanderer I like to consider myself as a protector of wild places and the environment. I think it is important to ask these bigger questions in order to seek the mysterious truths. Mother Nature has provided me with an incredible journey I never expected take, but the more I seek answers the more emotion it stirs in me. I want to be and will be that person who tried to make a difference, so I will continue to seek answers. I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless.

Like Albert Einstein once said, “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is good as dead: his eyes are closed.”

Unfortunately, I would argue that 90 percent of the population has their eyes closed and it’s as dark as a dead mans eyes out there. Our collective consciousness needs to be realigned because we are faced with a challenge that no generation before us has even contemplated.

My hope is that by reading this blog I was able to open some eyes and to shine the light on a darkening world. If you enjoyed reading this blog please share with someone who you love and who might also make a difference with their collective consciousness. Be a voice for the voiceless!

Thank you,

~Robbie George