Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad 


I am super excited to announce that Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller unveiled the new iPad Mini with retina display and used my image to showcase the new technology.  Apple is also using my image at the Apple store front to showcase the new retina display. It's said to have over 3.1 million pixels—a million more than HDTV. That's a 2048-by-1536 resolution, four times the resolution of the previous-generation iPad mini.

Having my image chosen to showcase this new product is exciting as well as humbling for me. This iPad will be a great way for photographers to carry a portfolio of images on the go. I am excited to get one myself to see how vibrant and detailed my portfolio images look on this new product by Apple

You can watch the unveiling of the new retina display with my image at the following video link:

Apple iPad Mini With Photograph by Robbie George Photography