New Year Resolution


As the end of the year fast approaches, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about a new year resolution idea. As cell phone use and screen time rise exponentially every year by adults as well as young children I thought it would be an appropriate time to adopt a NEW YEAR NO SCREEN RESOLUTION.

Screen resolution is defined by the clarity of text and images displayed on your screen. As a National Geographic photographer, I can definitely relate to the clarity of images on your screen and I strive hard to deliver this to you! Why not have a month in January where we can all get more clarity of thought and imagination displayed in our brains instead of on our screens? This can be easily achieved by limiting our screen time to work-related tasks for both adults and children throughout the month of January.


Many people adopt the no drink January to help detox and improve their health after the busy holiday season. Why not adopt a no screen resolution as well to help detox the brain and body from all the digital noise we are subjected to? This would help ease the symptoms of “Electronic Screen Syndrome” which affects our brains and bodies at multiple levels. It manifests as many various mental health symptoms including anxiety, mood disorders, behavioral problems, cognition problems, chemical imbalances, social disorders, hormonal imbalances and sleep disorders just to name a few.

Without the distractions of Facebook, Instagram and all the other social media and news channels we are all prone too, why not connect with each other on a personal level? This includes your family. Why not feel the wonder and magic that dances across our faces and in our minds as we experience the world without hiding behind our screens?

Looking someone in the eye and feeling their soul is unfortunately becoming a thing of the past. No wonder we are all feeling so lonely. We have lost the art of experiencing life as a human. We are starved for attention, true connection and personal relationships because of the amount of time we spend behind our screens.

Let your legacy be about touching other peoples lives instead of your screen. Use your life to be a light to somebody else’s instead of the light to your screen. Let excellence be your brand and not the brand of your electronic device.


If you would like to participate in the no screen resolution challenge you can post a black or blank image on your social media channels on January 1st and simply state that you are doing a digital detox and participating in a no screen resolution challenge (hence the black or blank image) for the month of January and you will check back in on Feb 1st. If you like this idea please share with your friends that might be interested in connecting with you on a personal level again.

No Screen Resolution January | Robbie George Photography

"Unfortunately, I would argue that 90 percent of the population has their eyes closed and it’s as dark as a dead mans eyes out there."~Robbie George

I encourage you to use your time wisely and reconnect with your loved ones on a personal level during the month of January. I would also encourage you to help your kids participate with this challenge. If they see you participate in their lives more instead of your screen, you will light up their life more than you can imagine. This will help them curb their screen time too!

Who knows you may discover some god-given talents and gifts that you never knew you had. Or you may read some incredible books that light your imagination and give you clarity of mind. You may discover something about a friend that you never knew. You might bring the life to the eyes of a child and help them see the wonders and mysteries of the world. Most of all you will feel better and be a better person so that you can be the light to somebody else.


  • Get outside and receive your “nature-neurons

  • Take the dog or a friend for a walk and breathe the fresh air

  • Go build a snowman or go sledding with your kids

  • Take the kids skiing or to the park for some fresh air.

  • Reconnect with an old friend and invite them over for dinner.

  • Read books

  • Meditate

  • Join a gym

  • Write a journal

  • Light some candles and take a long hot bath

  • Get more involved at your kids school

  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen

  • Go to church

  • Host a neighborhood party

  • Create some art

  • Play some board games with your family

  • Go swimming

  • Go hiking

  • Get some sunlight

  • Make a new friend

  • Be the light to somebody

  • Pay it forward

  • Take nature pictures

  • Learn a new hobby

  • Play with your kids

  • Help someone in need

  • Teach your kids about your family history

  • Pull out an old photo album and relive some memories

  • Reach out to your relatives

  • Teach a class or something new to someone

  • Go to a concert

  • Go out to dinner and connect

  • Look your spouse and kids in the eyes and tell them how much you love them

  • Tell a friend how much you appreciate them

  • Learn how to cook something new

  • Travel

  • Help a neighbor

  • Teach your kids something new

  • Go to a Ted talk or something similar

  • Take an art class

  • Be an example of excellence


Once you step away from the screen of your computer and phone you will start to notice that you have more time in your life for those around you that need to feel connected with you. You will not feel so lonely yourself. You will begin to feel less starved for attention. You will notice that in every moment beauty is waiting to be discovered. You will learn how to create, ponder life and make discoveries.

You will breath more life into others. You will find joy in the simple pleasures of life. The divine gift of love will return to your soul. Your eyes will sparkle again with hope. You will find the value of human relationships and the treasures of love again. Most importantly you will be an example of excellence and the light for somebody else in need. Let your legacy be about touching other peoples lives instead of your digital screens.

~Robbie George