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A lot of people have asked me about my nature photography quotes and how I come up with them, so I thought I would write a blog post to answer some of those questions. As a National Geographic photographer I have spent numerous years in the field while photographing nature and wildlife. I consider myself somewhat of a wild soul and backwoods wanderer who understands the importance of protecting these wild places.

I see philosophy deeply rooted in nature as much as some of the great thinkers who came before me. Great men like John Muir, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thoreau, and Aristotle who all poured their souls into the natural world and gave us some of their most precious thoughts. These great men left a legacy behind, and reading many of their books over the years has helped me better understand the philosophy rooted in the minds of these great men. They all shared the same desire that I share, which is, to seek answers to the sacred mystery of nature. 

Diamond Beach Iceland | Robbie George Photography"The ocean imposes a rhythm on the deep waters of your soul."~Robbie George

Nature Deficit Disorder

The sacred mystery of nature encompasses so much more than we realize as a human race anymore. We have totally lost sight of what some of these great thinkers and forefathers were experiencing while out in nature. Nowadays, we are living in a world where we are increasingly living our lives indoors and as a result people are getting sick. Nature-deficit-disorder is a real threat to the health of our society, and in particular, our children who are living behind the screens of their electronic devices most of the time.

I see our phones as a very narrow window into the real world and everyone is trapped by this tiny screen. Yes, you can find things on your phone about almost anything in the world now, but it doesn't compare to experiencing the world with your own two eyes and feet on the ground. Especially the natural world like our forefathers did.  

Planet Earth

Our Planet Earth has a pulse, a measurable frequency that surrounds the earth and all life upon it. It's called the Schumann Resonance and this pulse or frequency is exactly the same frequency as our alpha brain waves. This brain frequency controls our creativity, performance, stress, anxiety, and immune system. Being outside with your feet on the ground surrounded by nature and this vital frequency is paramount to your health. Classic Chinese medicine says that man needs environmental signals of two kinds, Yin and Yang. Yin is the input from below (Earth's geomagnetic field) and Yang is input from above (Schumann waves or frequency) These two need to be in balance in order to live a balanced healthy life.

American's are spending close to 90% of their time indoors exposing ourselves to harmful electro smog from our cell phones, computers, power lines, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, computers, and televisions. We have removed ourselves from the earth's health benefits in big way.

There is compelling evidence that the earth's magnetism, frequency and energy are essential for life and we, for some reason, choose not to embrace this free miracle drug called nature! The elements that our bodies need are exactly the same elements nature has provided in the purest and most energized form and we have chosen as a society to ignore this in favor of our addicting cell phone screens! 

Lake Mattamuskeet | Robbie George Photography"Being graced by the warmth of an untouched dawn is luminous to the soul."~Robbie George

The Simple Life

The great thinkers and explores before us who did not have cell phones, tv's, computers, and as much electro smog were lucky to live in an environment that favored nature over technology. These men and women who came before us lived more complete lives. Lives that encompassed adventure, joy, natural beauty, simplicity, friendship, art and creativity. The philosophy of nature stemmed from this simple life.

Sitting with nature and understanding what it meant to feel the frequency of the earth and trying to understand natural phenomena across different kinds of natural entities. These men and women left us with some of their most precious thoughts and poured their souls into trying to understand the natural world so the rest of us could experience and understand it with them. They left behind a legacy that still resonates with us today, but many of us are choosing to ignore this philosophy of nature in favor of our tiny screens. 

Where does this all fit in with me and my photography quotes you ask? As I mentioned above, I have been lucky enough to have spent many years out in nature as a National Geographic photographer exploring the natural phenomena that our forefathers explored. I too have sat there in total silence amongst the trees and the earth's pulse filling my senses as I wait with nature to take my photographs. As I sit there (sometimes all day), I observe and I feel the natural world with me. I write down my thoughts in a journal as I experience them.

Sometimes my words make no sense and sometimes I surprise myself with some profound thoughts. As I photograph something I will write down my thoughts after I take a nature picture. If I don't have time to write my thoughts down I will come back to my photograph and remember what I was feeling at that particular moment in time. There are other times, I just want to say something about nature and how important it is to the well being of all of us as a human race. With all my photography quotes and images, it is important to me to convey a message like our forefathers did about the philosophy of nature. In a sense I am also giving you my precious thoughts as I experience them just as our forefathers did. 

Get Outside!

I understand, as much as anybody else, how hard it is to get outside into nature because of the busy lives we all lead. I wish I could go do my photography out in nature all the time, but I too have many responsibilities that need tending to. I too get trapped by that stupid little screen on my phone! It is my hope and intent that when I do get to go spend some time out in nature that I journal about it and come up with some profound photos as well as nature quotes to go with those photos. I do this for those who don't get to spend as much time outside as I do. My hope is to convey an appreciation for the philosophy of nature through my photography quotes and nature pictures. I also find it very luminous to my soul and it has healed many of life's traumas for me. 

I want to encourage everyone to at least take a walk in your local park or nature preserve and enjoy the little things like the birds chirping or the fresh air. Feel the earth's magnetic field and Schumann Resonance around you. Better yet take your shoes off and get some free electrons by "earthing" yourself to the bare ground. Nature is a miracle drug that is free! Get outside and enjoy! Leave your cell phone behind!

Teton Mountain Range | Robbie George Photography"The silent and vast elevation of your soul is waiting for you in the mountains."~Robbie George

Words Of Wisdom

Lastly, I hope to leave a lasting impression in the minds of people with my nature quotes and nature photography. I want people to pause their busy day and see one of my nature photographs and photography quotes and understand the importance of our natural world. It is my hope that these photography quotes and nature images will touch the senses, the heart and soul. My intention, is to have my photography quotes and images resonate with you as well as generations to come. I have poured my soul and precious thoughts into each quote and nature picture. Please come visit my website and browse through my nature pictures to experience the images and photography quotes I created for each nature photograph. May these inspired nature quotes bring you a piece of love and gratitude I have experienced over the years while photographing nature and all its splendor! It is my hope that one of my nature quotes or photographs inspires you to get outside and enjoy nature as much as I do!

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"Nature is the mother of all art."~Robbie George