Let Nature Be Thy Medicine


As an organic farmer for multiple years of my life, one of the many things that nature has taught me, was that you need to have healthy soils in order to have healthy plants. The mother of my children is Clara Coleman and her father happens to be a world renowned “real” organic farmer, Eliot Coleman of Four Season Farm in Harborside, Maine. Clara is now Eliot’s farm manager and lives on the farm with my two wonderful boys taking after the brilliance of her father and pursuing her passion for the “real” organic movement. Eliot’s wife, Barbara Damrosch, is a world renowned horticulturist and writer. Between the two of them their farm has become a nationally recognized model of small-scale sustainable agriculture.

"In order to find the anchor of the Universe, thou must ground thyself to the earth first." ~Robbie George

When Clara and I ran our own four season farm in Colorado, her father taught us the importance of nutrient dense soil. You need to give the seed a good terrain in order to germinate into a healthy plant. The microbes of the soil is where all the beauty of life starts. The fungi and bacteria in the microbiome of the soil is also where the communication network of life starts. Maintaining good soil biota is paramount to maintaining healthy plants and animals. The soil in many ways is the life lungs to the plants and animals around us.

Clara and I had the privilege of having Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm come visit us to teach us more about soil health. Between the knowledge of Joel Salatin and Eliot Coleman, two “real” organic farmers, we were able to take our dried out clay soils and turn them into a thriving microbiome of life the way nature intended. Without this knowledge we would have been unable to grow “real” organic produce and raise healthy farm animals.

The land that we inherited was from a traditional farming operation that had nearly been destroyed from the overuse of chemicals and improper cattle rotation. It took us a few years to bring the land back into what nature had intended, but boy was it worth it! As the microbiome of the soils came back into balance with nature, so did the wildlife and vegetation that showed up on our property.

The vegetables that we grew and the farm animals we raised thrived on their new found microbiome. We could literally see the transformation of what thriving life should be in a short few years. I was able to raise over 200 acres of hay and a herd of grass fed cattle without fertilizer, chemicals or any man-made input. The wildlife abounded around us on their new found microbiome as well.

Clara successfully ran our vegetable production just as her father would on his own farm in Maine. Eliot told us we were pioneers (just like him) because we successfully pulled off a four season farm in the fickle Colorado climate. Producing greens and carrots in the Colorado winter is no small task! I credit this to our new found understanding of the soil microbiome that Eliot and Joel taught us. Eliot's pioneering methods of winter production and seed succession in a healthy soils was paramount to our success as well. I felt as if we created our own little Savanna in Western Colorado just as nature intended. 

Clara with fresh winter produce at our Colorado farm

I learned a lot in those years about nature and the importance of balance and harmony with the environment. Most importantly, I learned about microbes and how important the terrain of our soils need to be in order to have thriving energetic life. I credit my knowledge of nature photography to these years spent in the field and on the farm watching and learning the cycles of life. I feel blessed to still have access to Eliot’s farm where my two boys live with Clara. My biggest hope is that my two boys carry the torch that Eliot, Barbara and Clara have carried. To continue a legacy that is more important now than ever before in the face of mankind.

Clara and Eliot ColemanClara and Eliot Coleman at Four Season Farm in Harborside, Maine


Science and modern medicine only see financial profit at the end of their narrow glass telescope of knowledge. For example, think about what it means to be USDA Certified Organic. As Eliot Coleman states “the USDA refuses to uphold the honest, old-time, carefully stewarded farming practices that organic has always represented. The USDA National Organic Program has been totally corrupted by the money, power, and influence of industrial food corporations. USDA certification is a hollow sham.”

This doesn’t just end with the USDA Organic Program. I would argue that Big Pharma is also only looking at the financial profit at the end of their narrow telescope of knowledge too. Same goes for Big Agriculture, Big Oil and the Main Steam Media. We have allowed these organizations to pollute our minds, bodies and our planet and now we are paying dearly for it. When did it become ok to destroy 97% of our farmland with glyphosate and GMO’s? For some godforsaken reason we are all complacent with this. Could it be that our main stream media is also looking through that narrow glass telescope of knowledge and giving you the same view too? It’s time to look away!

Pasture Raised Organic EggsMy son Hayden collecting pasture raised "real" organic eggs

The chemicals we spray on our soils are potent antibiotics that destroy everything in their path. The Big Ag farms that treat their soils with chemicals loose 2 tons of topsoil per acre per year. These soils then turn into dry dirt where nothing can grow, thrive, or communicate. They then need more chemicals and GMO’s the following year, ad infinitum, to grow anything. They destroy the microbiome of the soil, just like antibiotics destroy the microbiome of your gut. Did someone not get the memo that our soils are the lungs and external organs of our planet and they support life as we know it? Or are they too busy looking at their financial profits at the end of their narrow glass telescope?

We as humans cannot produce our own food in our bodies. We need to rely on the plants and animals of this planet to nourish us. We should consider these plants and animals our external organs and without them we would die. I would even go a step further and say that our soil is our external organ that we rely on the most for life. Take for example, that the average American is only walking around with a 10% healthy microbiome. We are spending 90% of our time living in our sheet rocked homes and shielding ourselves from the very thing that gives us life, nature’s microbiome. No wonder everyone’s microbiome is on life support and our population is immune compromised.

Why are we waging war against nature? Why do we keep distancing ourselves and destroying the ecosystems that we live in? We are divorcing ourselves from ecology and harmony on a grand scale. We have waged a war against the microbiome and now we are fighting for our own lives and health. For example, since 1960 disease among children has risen more than 50%. If we continue to destroy the micro-biodiversity of our environment then we should expect more disease and an even more unbalanced ecosystem. No amount of vaccines will be “effective” against this asinine battle. Science and modern medicine should pull their eye off that narrow telescope before it’s too late. Someone needs to give them a wide angle lens so they can see outside of their 2 dimensional world.

"Extract the sweetness from life and let the honey soak through the marrow of your essence" ~Robbie George


Did you know we have 10 times more viruses on this planet than we do stars in the entire universe? Viruses are in our soils, ocean waters, in the air we breathe and in our bodies. We breathe and shed these viruses constantly. Without these viruses there would be no evolution. I’ve got news for you, the world is a homeostatic system and there are no bad bacteria or viruses until you wage a war against them. Our scientist and modern medicine have unfortunately followed the “profitable” germ theory and decided to wage a war against these natural occurring viruses. They are fighting a battle they cannot win. Actually, I would go a step further and say they are the bigger problem because they created this problem in the first place. They only see germs with dollar bills on their backs at the end of that narrow telescope of knowledge. The media and Big Pharma also see those dollar bills attached to those germs.

Unfortunately, they are trying to convince you that the only way to win this war against viruses is to double down and grab the Clorox bottle, social distance, self-isolate, vaccinate yourself and put a mask on your face. What ever you do, do not go outside! There are germs out there! The sun is on fire and you might get burned! Go back inside to your sheet rocked spaces and shut the door on life and biodiversity! We will not allow you to evolve! If you don’t believe us we will destroy the economy because we are going to co-opt fear and use it as a weapon against you. Germs in nature are bad and you need to help us destroy them with chemicals, Clorox and vaccines! That’s what they see in their narrow telescopes anyways.

These are the same people who waged a war on the soils of our farms. They decided that treating our soils with chemicals, GMO’s and glyphosate would help cure the food shortage in the world. I’ve got news for you, 70% of the world’s food is grown by peasant farmers around the world. You have been fed a big fat lie. They are growing these massive amounts of GMO filled foods mostly for ethanol production, corn syrup, feed lots, fast food and to keep you coming back to the profit trough at the end of their telescope. Take Kansas for example, 90% of the land in Kansas is used for farmland, but they import 90% of their food from other sources. 1 in 4 children are starving in Kansas. If Kansas cannot feed itself then what belief system do we have that it will feed the rest of the world?

Rolling Thunder Greenhouse at our Divide Creek Farm in Colorado

If 10% of the fuel we put in our cars is from GMO grown corn for ethanol then has it ever occurred to you that we have glyphosate polluting the air we breath? It’s even coming down with rain water and polluting every waterway in the world. It is polluting our rivers and water aquifers because glyphosate is water soluble and nearly 97% of our farmland has been sprayed with this toxin. It’s nearly impossible to escape the ill effects of it.

Seems to me we are stuck in a wicked cycle that fits perfectly with the “profitable” germ theory they see in that telescope of theirs. Keep polluting our air, soil, and water and wage a war against nature so we all become immune compromised and vulnerable. They found a way to slowly boil a frog and make us dependent on their broken 2 dimensional system. All in the name of that mighty dollar stuck on the back of those pesky germs!

If you think vaccines will be our savior just like we thought glyphosate and GMO’s would be our savior then you need to think again. Vaccines cannot eliminate a virus because it is physiologically impossible and scientifically impossible and it has never happened in the history of mankind. You cannot remove a virus from nature no matter how much Clorox you throw at it.

Viruses will always exist and throwing a vaccine at it is like trying to stop mosquitos with a chainlink fence. Instead we need healthy immunity and a more intelligent microbiome so that we can evolve with these viruses. Unfortunately for most Americans, Big Pharma, Big Ag and the 2 dimensional science model has dumbed down our intelligent microbiome with all the chemicals they have thrown down our throats. Don’t blame the virus, blame the guys behind that narrow telescope of knowledge that only see financial profits. They don’t give a dam about your health. They are force feeding you out of that GMO feed lot trough they set up in our food system for their financial gain.

Putting a vaccine in your body is like main lining glyphosate into your veins. You’re on a very slippery slope and the next time around your gonna need a bigger hit ad infinitum. Maybe that’s what the guys behind the narrow telescope want so they can keep lining their pockets? If you see what it did to our soils then you can imagine what it will do the the terrain of your body. It will slowly kill you and the terrain of your body. We cannot expect adding more chemicals will help, we need to fight these naturally in order to evolve as a human race. Just as much as our soils need to heal and evolve to become more bio-diverse to support life.








Mother Earth gets her breath through the soils and the oceans of the planet. The oceans are able to capture 90 gigaton’s of carbon a year. Our arable farmland in the United States should be able to capture 2,400 gigaton’s per year, but we have throughly killed our soils with glyphosate and GMO’s. We are now asking the ocean to capture more carbon to make up the huge difference in our depleted soils. This in turn makes our oceans more acidic and our atmosphere choked with with more carbon. Kinda reminds me of how they are making us all wear masks so we choke on our own carbon so that our own bodies of water become more acidic. These guys behind the telescope are either dumb as a bag of rocks or brilliant in their plan to line their pockets with financial profits.

We are now in the middle of the 6th extinction on earth. Humans are the the cataclysmic event for this coming extinction. We are loosing a species on earth every 20 minutes because of our narrow telescope of knowledge. When we pour 4.5 billion pounds of antibiotics onto our soils every year and kill the micro-diversity of life, we should be far from surprised when we see the collapse of our own health and microbiome.

We have been literally swimming, breathing and eating genome material since our origin and are now waging a war against this same life giving force. The genomic language is being destroyed just as much as most languages around the world are being forgotten about. We have lost our traditional ways of “real” organic farming. “Real” organic farming that supports the microbes and the microbiome of our soils. “Real” organic farming that supports the external organs of humans through plants, animals and our soil. “Real” organic farming that supports “real” organic health.

Just because we see financial profit at the end of those narrow glass telescopes doesn’t mean we should claim ourselves the champion of bio-diversity and life on earth. We have 1.4 quadrillion bacteria on our bodies expressing genomic information every second of the day through resonance.


Our micro RNA exudes out of our bodies constantly giving off resonance. These are tiny little messengers to the genome and microbes around you. They are expressing a language to your family members, neighbors, dogs, plants, the people that you walk by at the park or at work. You are expressing genomic information to others about your stress levels, how happy you are, how in love you are or how lonely you are et.  Every organism on the planet is expressing this though resonance. With the 1.4 quadrillion bacteria on our bodies expressing this genomic information we are literally walking billboards of information to everything around us.

When we loose our micro-diversity thru the consumption of chemicals, GMO’s and antibiotics from our soils, produce and farm animals we also loose this communication channel within our own microbiome. We are essentially shutting down our communication channels within ourselves and isolating our expressive souls because we have effectively killed our expressive microbiome with all the antibiotics and chemicals around us.

Unfortunately we have another problem outside of our own microbiome, which is the shift from the age of modern technology towards the age of information. This shift depends more and more on man-made electromagnetic carrier waves. These man-made carrier waves are what could eventually bring an end to life on earth as well. The dangers of the age of information are global and out of control because you cannot physically escape it. Environmental problems and nuclear warfare are actually much easier to control than the dangers of EMF. You cannot control what you cannot see unless we shut the whole system down.

If we disrupt the innate communication channels of our microbiome with man-made carrier waves we are effectively isolating our expressive souls even further. Essentially we are getting a double whammy effect from antibiotics, chemicals, GMO’s and man-made carrier waves. As we continually increase the amount of carrier waves needed for wireless technology (such as 5G) of modern communication we are interrupting the resonance of our own intelligent messengers of the microbiome. We are also interrupting the calcium channels within our own cells.

What are boys made of? Frogs, Snails, and Puppy-Dog Tails :-)

Science and allopathic medicine are unable to see these carrier waves in their narrow glass telescopes of knowledge. This is because they are still stuck in the 2 dimensional model of financial profit and basic biology. They cannot see the trees before the forest because of their narrow view. Quantum field theory and epigenetic’s doesn’t fit their broken 2 dimensional model. They are unable to see the bio-energetic holographic body and human energy field. They have no idea you have a detectable magnetic field that extends 15 feet or more into space. You can’t see that with a telescope.

When we disrupt our very coherent bio-photons of light with man-made carrier waves like Wifi, Cell Phones, and man-made EMF’s we need to realize that we are not only effecting our own bodies with these man-made frequencies, but every single living organism on earth. There is a continuous exchange of information in the cosmos, the solar system, the earth and down to the very cell of every living organism. These man-made electromagnetic emanations that we are putting into the body of the earth and into the body of every living cell is a 1000 times stronger than the natural vibrations of our microbiome, the cosmos, the solar system and the earth.

We need to be aware that when we disrupt the life cycle of every living cell we are in fact harming the vital organs of survival. Remember what I said about our soil, plants and animals being our external organs for survival? Yes if we disrupt this system even further, with man-made carrier waves, we shouldn’t be surprised when we see the collapse of our own health even further. The narrow glass telescopes again only see the financial profit associated with the advent of technology and the information age without one concern for public health.

As Dr. Martin Pall, one of the leading voices on the dangers of EMFs recently stated: “Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has to be about the stupidest ideas anyone has had in the history of the world.”

The more I learn about resonance and frequency, through quantum field theory, the more I understand that everything in life is a frequency and we humans need to learn how to balance it. The prime resonance frequency of life cannot be breached or we will destroy ourselves as well as the microbiome around us. If you think about it, fear is a frequency, isolation is a frequency, pollution is a frequency, allopathic medicine has a frequency, glyphosate is a frequency, methane is a frequency, viruses have a frequency, sunlight is a frequency, fresh air and oxygen is a frequency, clean and dirty water has a frequency.

For example, if you consume pharmaceuticals, fast food, GMO's, vaccines and glyphosate, then you are literally installing these unnatural foreign frequencies into your body. You just upgraded yourself to 5G and your circuitry is going to catch fire and you will eventually burn down. You need the prime frequencies nature has already provided us, like the Schumann Resonance and our natural magnetic fields. 

     Everything in life revolves around frequency otherwise we would not be able to see, hear, smell or touch anything and we would probably not even be here. It really makes a guy wonder why the frequency of FEAR is being broadcast by the guy with the telescope. Maybe he is crying wolf and we shouldn’t listen to him because all he wants to do is huff and puff to blow our houses down in the name of his financial profits. 

These viruses like Covid-19 will keep popping up more frequently as we turn the dial up further and further on the man-made frequencies like 5G. They will keep popping up the further and further as we destroy our own soil and microbiome with Clorox and chemicals. No vaccine in the world will be able to stop this onslaught of chemical and carrier wave warfare on our bodies. It is maddening to me that others cannot see this with their narrow telescopes. I feel like the only black sheep questioning the shepherd with the telescope leading us off a cliff.



“Real” organic health can be easy if you realize that your body is like a battery and a bio-energetic holographic energy field. If you want to be healthy you need sunlight, minerals, clean structured water, grounding, clean air, a fully functioning microbiome and food grown in "real" organic bio-diverse soil. You also need exposure to proper frequencies of energy (including positive emotions, relationships, intimate touch and nature) You are just like a plant in many ways that needs a healthy bio-diverse soil filled with a good microbes. The terrain of your body is everything! Just like the terrain of the soils is everything! There are no “profitable” germs that can hurt you if you have a healthy terrain and are in symbiosis with the world around you.

  "Real" organic salad mix freshly picked and being washed   

Stay away from Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Main Stream Media, Man-Made EMF fields and those guys behind that telescope. All they want you to do is become more immune compromised so they can buy a bigger, stronger narrow telescope with their financial profits and keep you oppressed so you have no choice but to be apart of their broken system. They want you to help pay off their 3.7 trillion yearly health deficit in order to line their pockets. They want your health to become bankrupt so you have no choice but to line their pockets.

Take the power of your health back into your own hands. Fix your terrain! Create healthy soils within your own body! Eat clean “real” organic food. Find a "real" organic farmer near you and build a relationship with them. Treat them like they are your family doctor! Drink clean structured water. For gods sake get out in the sunshine and get some vitamin D! Take your shoes off and ground to the earth to replace those negative ions you lost looking at the screen of your computer all day. Get around people who support you and give you positive emotions. Get clean air into your system and oxygenate your cells. Get outside and get nature’s “good tidings” as John Muir said.  You don’t want to become acidic like our soils and oceans by listening to the morons behind that telescope.

My son Bode collecting "Real" organic raspberries

Don’t let them co-opt fear and weaponize it against you so you are afraid to leave your own house. Don’t let them tell you to wear a mask and make you compromise your own immune system even further. Don’t let them tell you you need to self isolate and fear your neighbor, friends or even your own family. Don’t let them destroy your businesses that you worked so hard for. Don’t let them violate your body with a vaccine, like they did our soils with glyphosate and GMO’s. Don’t let them feed you pharmaceuticals anymore. Don’t let them violate your constitutional rights as an American. Don’t let them defeat our children before they get a chance to climb the ladder of success. Don’t let them compromise our children’s education. Don’t let them look through that stupid telescope anymore.



We as a society need to say no to the destruction of our soils, our ecosystems, and our bodies. We can feed the entire planet with “real” organic farming to make a healthier society, a healthier planet and a healthier bio-diversity of life. Remember that nature’s whole goal is bio-diversity and sustaining life. If we stop waging war against nature and claiming we are the champions of biodiversity then this will work. We can stop this train wreck if we start now. Otherwise, we only have about 70 years until we are extinct too. I can’t stress enough how important it is to right this ship and turn it around now.

Our children are going to have to be our biggest asset because they may be the last generation on earth. We will need to start a “Green Corps” and every child should be required to work on a "real" organic farm when they turn 18 years old for one year to learn about nature and the micro-diversity of soils and cycles of life. We will have to produce locally grown food and locally sourced commodities. Russia already has a goal to be organic by the year 2025. Why not start a “real” organic carrot race against Russia to secure our future with “real” organic farms, food security and "real" organic health.




We need to allow the advent of free energy and get the big oil producers out of our way. Audi and VW already have this technology but they are being squashed by the guys with the telescopes. This will help clean our skies and soils of carbon and toxic greenhouse gases. We need to allow innovation like Nikola Tesla did before the guys with the telescope burned him down. We need the genius of our kids to step forward with ideas. We need to stop listening to the broken model of industrialization and the 2D view of science. We need to learn more about prime resonance frequencies like the ancient Egyptians did. We need to harness free energy from the universe like the ancient civilizations did. We need to learn how to use this universal technology to our advantage and for our survival.

If we put all our resources back on the ground instead of outer space then we would be light years ahead. Why are we even looking to populate Mars or the Moon? Why is Elon Musk spending billions of dollars putting up low orbiting 5G satellites when we could start fixing our own soils. Are we that ignorant that we cannot even fix our own planet? Maybe that’s what these guys with the telescope are looking at. They’ve realized that they have destroyed our own planet and are looking for a new places to collect more financial profits.

Eliot Coleman teaching the next generation about "real" organic farming

We need a leader who understands the importance of our future. Someone who can rally our “green corps” and lead from the heart. Someone who understands soil biodiversity and the importance of human health. Someone who has no financial skin in the game. Someone who will not play the broken political game anymore. Someone who is not afraid to take down the privately funded CDC and WHO and rebuild them from the ground up. Someone who will not let an unelected officials like Bill Gates and Tony Fauci call the shots for their best financial interest. Someone who will let functional medicine, holistic medicine and the 3d model of quantum physics and epigenetic’s lead our future.

A leader who is not afraid to change the curriculum in our schools to reflect our new understanding of a 3 dimensional world and get rid of the outdated 2d model of science and medicine. Someone who is a truth seeker. Someone who believes in the power of evolution through consciousness. Someone who is willing to go beyond the mainstream narrative. Someone who can manifest our reality that defines our beings. Someone who wants to see us all healthy and happy. Someone who will treat all of us equally. Someone who cares deeply about Mother Nature and the environment. Someone who wants to be apart of our beautiful planet. I have a strong feeling that this someone needs to be a woman just like our Mother Earth. Someone who can put the Yin and Yang back together.

Freshly harvested carrots from a very healthy soil microbiome


Why did I write this blog you ask? I wrote this because I care for every living cell and human on this planet. I care so deeply that I can see clearly the many problems our world faces. I want us as humans to be healthy and happy. I don’t want to see immune compromised people struggling through this current virus anymore or any future virus for that matter. I want every species on earth to have a future to look forward too. I want to create a path forward. I care deeply for our planet. I want to see us live in symbiosis instead of fear. I want to see true health abound all around us.

We can have a future filled with an exquisite miracle of beauty every day. I want to see the love of life return. I want our future to be brilliant and fulfilling on all levels. I want to see equality throughout. I want to see our kids thrive and know they have a beautiful future waiting for them. I want us to re-birth and become better co-creators with Mother Earth. I want balance and harmony in our environment. I want these guys who only see financial profit at the end of their narrow glass telescope to know that this is not ok with us. I want them to know we can see them behind that veiled curtain standing there without clothes on. I want them to know that those telescopes they are looking through are a “hallow sham” and that my kids are way more important to me than those stupid telescopes.

Robbie GeorgeNational Geographic Photographer Robbie George