Nature Photography


Nature photography has been a divine gift to me and it has filled my life with an incredible journey of happiness, love, understanding and respect. Nature is a teacher and healer that is always there, communicating through the roots of her vast network. Gaining insight into this vast network makes one realize that all things are connected on a divine level.

We are all a part of the natural world and we must not forget the language of nature in order for our souls to evolve and survive. I have been fortunate enough to understand the rhythm of Mother Nature's divine network in order for my own wild soul to evolve and survive. Nature photography is my way of trying to preserve the rhythm and language of nature, through nature pictures, that innately resides within all of us. Unfortunately, I believe our society is losing sight of this ancient language and spiritual influence it has on our lives and souls. 

Sandhill Crane | Robbie George Photography"Every moment in nature awakens a certain reverence of the divine."~Robbie George 

The Language Of Nature

There was a time when humans recognized that the rhythms and forces of nature were interconnected. Our early ancestors understood that every species and every aspect of the environment had the power to communicate inside and outside our perceptions. Native Americans and Shaman's alike used symbols, totems, and petroglyphs to express and connect the physical world to the spiritual world.

They also performed rituals and dances that coincided with the natural rhythms of seasons to awaken greater fertility and life within their environment. These ancestors knew that everything on this beautiful and majestic planet had its place in the web of life. They understood that the visible aspects of nature were symbols to the invisible forces of a larger divine power. When we acknowledge nature, we open ourselves up to a deeper spiritual essence that lies behind it. Nature holds the power to heal on not only the physical level but on the spiritual level as well. 

Nature Deficit Disorder

As a society we have gained much since the dawn of the internet, but in a world where we are increasingly living our lives indoors, the disconnect from nature has been profound. This disconnect is affecting our physical and spiritual well being. We have grown more irritable, less sociable, more distracted, and less cognitively nimble.

As a modern society we don't experience natural environments enough to harness the power of her inner workings anymore. We have lost the intuition that nature can make us feel healthier, more creative, more empathetic and give us a deeper understanding of our own spiritual essence. Something our ancestors knew well because they were plugged into nature and not digitally plugged into their smartphones or tablets.  

Forest Bathing

How does this all tie into nature photography? In my own personal experience, I recognize the tonic nature provides one's soul when out immersed in her essence. If you spend enough time plugged into nature you develop an instinctive ability to interpret and detect both the physical and spiritual aspects of her essence.

When you are plugged into nature you become spiritually and physically grounded to the same resonance earth had intended. Your "nature neurons" are in tune with your natural surroundings and in tune with the earth beneath your feet. Your mood, creativity, and imagination are all in sync with the natural world. In essence you are fully plugged into your innate ancestral evolution as a human.

If you are plugged into nature, then ultimately your nature photography will reflect your intuition for the inner workings of the natural world. Producing incredible nature pictures can be achieved by simply being plugged into the rhythms and forces of nature. Amazingly enough you posses this innate intuition already, you just need to go out and harness this hidden power within you.

When you spend enough time in nature you develop a "six-sense" as you become immersed in her essence. As a nature photographer you need to develop deep patience while waiting for something to happen. You need to engage with your surroundings and forest bathe yourself into the divine network of her web. As a nature photographer you need to wear the landscape like a piece of clothing so you can see more clearly into the mysteries of the natural world. 

Forest Wall Art | Robbie George Photography"Breathe the wild mountain air and savor the tonic of wildness in your soul."~Robbie George 


Nature photography has always been a way to express my appreciation and respect for nature. I see nature photography as a modern form of a petroglyph, expressing both the spiritual and physical world of nature. Nature photography, like a petroglyph, records a symbolic or ritual language that needs to be passed down to the next generation.

The importance of conserving our environment has hit a tipping point and I am afraid we are already on the other side. My intention, my hope, is that some of my nature photographs will resonate with viewers and generations to come in order to preserve this ancient language of life. I hope to pass down this symbolic and ritual language to future generations, just like our ancestors did when they created petroglyphs.

Nature photography has been a blessing in my life and a divine calling. It is my hope that the viewers of my nature photography will feel the heartbeat and lifeblood of experience they contain. 

"Nature is magnetic, it beckons you to look deeper and deeper into the wisdom of her soul."~Robbie George