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As Jacques Cousteau once said "The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." Ocean quotes like these bring a sense of wonder to the soul. To explain Jacques Cousteau's ocean quote one needs to understand that the resonance of the ocean is in a constant celestial dance with the moon, sun and earth. This celestial dance also has a secret harmony within the human body.

Since our bodies are made up of 70% water and water molecules also have a north and south pole, just like the earth, we too are influenced by this celestial dance. So as the tides of the oceans change by the influence of the moon and sun, so do we. For example, the ancients believed that a women's menstrual cycle was the tide's ebb and flow within her body. When Jacque Cousteau wrote this ocean quote, I'm not sure he understood the influence that the ocean, moon and sun has on the human body, but what a great ocean quote to describe how the ocean always casts her spell on us. 

Montauk Lighthouse | Robbie George Photography

"Listen to the whisper of the sea and a mysterious serenity of beauty will fill your soul."~Robbie George


The ancients who lived before us struggled with understanding how the ocean and tides were connected with the celestial dance of the sun, moon and earth. They put forth tide theories based on myth, religion, and observation. For example the Maori of New Zealand believed that a woman like god lived on the moon and the tide rose and fell at her command. The Chinese believed that the ocean was connected to a great churning waterwheel in the sky called the Milky Way. This waterwheel, according to the Chinese, was responsible for filling and emptying the oceans as it churned. 

The greek philosopher Aristotle who lived on the Mediterranean Sea 2,300 years ago observed that the tidal range was only a few inches, but near his home on the Euripus Strait it had a strong reversing tide which befuddled him. He understood that this had something to do with the tide, but he couldn't figure out how or why. He became so frustrated in trying to figure out why the ocean tides were different that he killed himself, by throwing himself in the sea, exclaiming, "Comprehend me, since I cannot comprehend thee!" 

A few thousand years later Sir Isaac Newton came along and ignited a revolution when he exclaimed that the ocean tide was a ghostly force called "gravity." The ancients were weary of mystical forces and couldn't understand how something unseen could push things around with such great force and distance. Newton couldn't understand how something as spooky and ghostly as gravity could influence tides and he even called it "the most disgraceful thing." But nonetheless, he made this the center of his revolutionary tide theory. 

The mystery of the ocean tides still exists with us today and is a very complex subject. From my perspective the ocean and tides are deeply connected into our souls and evolution as human beings. One can argue that our attraction to the sea is a sort of coming home again. There is a reason that nearly 80% of people on the planet live within 60 miles of the seacoast. We are attracted to the the ocean and her tonic pulse penetrating deep in the marrow of our souls. 

Seascape | Robbie George Photography

"The ocean imposes a rhythm on the deep waters of your soul."~Robbie George


Have you ever experienced feeling a little crazy during the full moon? If you think about it, the moon in its various phases creates a gravitational pull, and that pull, affects water and tides. Again, if our bodies are made up of 70% water and water molecules have a north and south pole, just like the earth, then during the full moon our bodies are going to feel this gravitational pull. This in turn will effect our body, emotions and brain just like it affects the tides on our coastlines. Tides can get a little crazy during a full moon too!

In classical Chinese medicine it is said that man needs environmental signals of two kinds - Yang input from above (Schumann resonance) and Yin input from below (earth's geomagnetic field). Both of these, it's said, must be in balance. Hence the term Yin and Yang.

The Schumann resonance at 7.83 hertz is exactly the same frequency as our alpha brain waves. The brains frequency, which controls our creativity, performance, stress, anxiety and immune system is tuned to the exact frequency of the earth! When this gets out of balance via WiFi signals, cell phones, radios, electronic devices and microwaves then we feel out of balance. The frequency of these unnatural wavelengths penetrate our water molecules and they are essentially foreign invaders messing with the the polarity of our water molecules. 

On the other hand, the earth's geomagnetic field also has a frequency, but this one fluctuates. It fluctuates because seawater is an electrical conductor that interacts with the earth's magnetic field and this may explain why we get a little crazy during the full moon. As the celestial dance commences with the full moon, the ions in the seawater interact with the magnetic field and essentially tries to pull the geomagnetic fields along with it.

So to make a long story short, when the full moon arrives this too will pull on the deep waters of your soul and make you feel a little out of balance. Unlike the Wifi signals, cellphones, and electronic devices, we cannot control our exposure to this subtle shifting of the magnetic field. This happens because the ions in our blood happens to be very similar to the makeup of seawater. This holds true for the 70% of water in our cells too. When the gravitational pull of the moon varies throughout the month and pulls on the ions in our blood and water cells we can subtly feel this! Especially during the supermoon!

Sorry if I lost you there! Back to ocean quotes!

Ocean Wall Art | Robbie George

"My soul is longing for the wild call of the sea and the perfect harmony she brings to me."~Robbie George


Humans hear the heavenly calls of the ocean like a beautiful chorus inside our souls. Like Jacques Cousteau's said "The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." These ocean quotes resonate with us because our attraction to the sea is a sort of coming home to us again. Being close to the ocean and feeling the power of her celestial dance is soothing to our souls.

The ocean is a living, breathing being that is swayed by the rhythms of the universe and her heartbeat can be felt within the essence of our souls.

Hearing one of these ocean quotes transports us to a soothing place we can all resonate with. The ocean carries a vibration we all can relate to! We can feel the resonance of the ocean as the celestial dance with the moon commences. As I like to say, "going to the ocean feels like coming home to the serenity of the soul."

Whaleback Lighthouse | Robbie George Photography

"Your life is a canvas...make sure you paint yourself a whole lot of colorful days"~Robbie George

Each one of my seascape photographs has one of my beautiful ocean quotes associated with it and it's my hope that these ocean quotes and seascape photographs will touch the senses, the heart and soul. I hope you like these ocean quotes and thank you for reading my blog! ~Robbie George


"May the wild waters roar and heave in the deep waters of your mind."~Robbie George

"May the winds of nature's beauty always blow within you and across the sails of your sea."~Robbie George

"There is saltwater running through my veins."~Robbie George

"I went to the ocean to seek clarity and to smoke that wet, briny air."~Robbie George

"Sail with the ocean tides to embark a rhythm on life's great journey."~Robbie George

"Let the brilliance of the sea harness the energy of love on the coast of your journey."~Robbie George

"Let the tonic of the salty sea seep upon the deep waters of your soul."~Robbie George

"I sense the spreading of a wing on the coast of my journey."~Robbie George

"The wisdom of the sea has the beauty of uncertainty in the essence of her waters."~Robbie George

"Oceans are poured from the hands of angels."~Robbie George

"The heavenly calls of the ocean is like a beautiful chorus inside the deep waters of our souls."~Robbie George

"The depth of life can be measured by the spirit of the great blue sea."~Robbie George

"Listen to the whisper of the sea and a mysterious serenity of beauty will fill your soul."~Robbie George

"The sea imposes a rhythm so profound you can feel it in the vibrancy of your soul."~Robbie George

"Fly with the wind to the isle of your dreams."~Robbie George

"Icebergs hold the vibrancy of flame and the radiance of beauty."~Robbie George

"The heartbeat of the ocean is mysterious and indefinitely wild."~Robbie George

"The crisp morning light entwines with the wild glacier ice and peeps out of the sea with a tranquil smile."~Robbie George

"The blue heart of the planet brings eternal bliss to the deep waters of the soul."~Robbie George

"Let the sweet serenity of divinity guide your destiny."~Robbie George

"The glimmer of a luminous flame is flickered upon the ocean's radiance of beauty."~Robbie George

"The heartbeat of the ocean can be felt within the saltwater of our veins."~Robbie George

"There is wonder, beauty and majesty as the tide dances on nature's heart."~Robbie George

"The revelation of harmony is rippled in the deep blue waters of your soul."~Robbie George

"The voices of the sea hearkens to the interior of the soul."~Robbie George

"The sea has a rhythmical creation of beauty that roils with power along the wild and rocky coast."~Robbie George

"The serenity of the moon can pull an entire ocean from shore to shore with her own arid seas of splendor."~Robbie George