What Print Size Should I Choose?

Art Print Size

Deciding on the size of the art print you are going to oder can seem overwhelming at first, but there are a few ways to make this decision easier. First and foremost, if you haven't already, I highly suggest measuring the wall space that you are planning to hang the print. A general rule of thumb for hanging artwork over a piece of furniture is you don't want the print to be wider than the furniture. If you don't have a specific wall in mind, or you're not planning to hang the art over furniture, then disregard these tips. 

Tips For Choosing Print Size:

Once you know the dimensions of your wall space, take a look at the print size options for the photo you have in mind in my store. Using masking tape, measure and mark out a couple of different print sizes on your wall, so you can see exactly how much space the print is going to take up, and whether or not that size looks right for your space. This step alone is super helpful in making the right print size choice. 

Wall Preview Tool:

Another excellent tool that will help you decide on a size is the "Wall Preview" tool in my store. If you click on any photo, you'll notice a "Wall Preview" menu item to the right of the image. Click on that and a simulator will help you get a sense of scale and allows you to experiment with wall colors. You'll be able to see how different print sizes look in various rooms, including a living room, bedroom, nursery, conference room, sitting area, cafe, reception/lobby, or restaurant. You can even change the wall color to match the paint color on your wall, so you can see if the print will match well in your room. 


Wall Preview Tool at Robbie George Photography



Live Preview AR Tool:

Another cool feature is the live preview AR which allows you to see the photo on your wall through your phone/tablet or computer! The photo you choose and size you choose is displayed through the camera of your device and can be viewed right in your own home on your wall! You can take a screen shot in your very own living room to see exactly how your new piece of art is going to look inside your home! A very cool feature!

One thing to keep in mind: if you are planning to order a framed print, the finished framed size will be larger than the print size. The framed size will depend on the mat and frame you choose. For example, if you choose a 16x24 print with a two inch mat and a one-inch frame, the finished framed size will be 22x30 inches.

Final Note

Don't be afraid to go big! Large prints can make a statement on your wall, and have great visual impact. Many of my nature pictures can be printed very large, up to 40x60 inches and sometimes larger, depending on the image. Larger prints can be especially powerful on canvas, as there is no glass or gloss to create glare, so the visual effect is bold and vibrant! ~Robbie George